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Community Social Responsibility – forms the basic ethos of the Fulchand Group. Thus, every initiative that Fulchand Group is involved with is a well thought task. We ensure that each Endeavour benefits the society and the one’s who need it the most.

Following are few initiatives that we are currently associated with:

  • Fulchand Exports
  • Metupalayam State Government School, Tirupur: Infrastructure development & refurbishment. This project is a joint initiative with Rotary Club of Tirupur.
  • Fulchand Maternity Hospital, Tirupur: Renovated the entire hospital building including the interiors and exteriors
  • Provided safe drinking water: Distributed water purifiers in 30 Tirupur district schools
  • Subsidized Employee Meals: Fulchand provides highly subsidized meals for all factory workers and staff.
  • Clean/Green Energy Initiative: Fulchand has invested in clean energy, which produces 4.5 MW of wind energy in Tamil Nadu, India.
    We work closely with the Tamil Nadu State Electric Board on this project.
  • Fulchand Trust
  • Dialysis Center, Mumbai: We run a dialysis center that provides highly subsidized treatment to low-income patients. At present, the center has 12 dialysis machines.
  • AIDS Awareness Camp & Clinic, Rajasthan: We run campaigns to raise awareness about AIDS and have setup a clinic that offers subsidized STD treatment to patients.
  • Women’s Maternity Hospital, Rajasthan: We are run an all women maternity hospital for free of cost; where we provide the appropriate medical treatment, post-natal care for women.
  • Vidyawadi, Rajasthan: Our directors are leading the working committee of an all girl school and college that provides subsidized education.
  • Other initiatives in this area include, installing RO treatment plants for water treatments, rainwater harvesting, and cafeteria infrastructure upgrade, setting up new dorms, technology upgrades and developing art and culture programs. We are also focusing on raising endowment funds.
  • Development of Three Dams for Water Conservation, Rajasthan: Undertook the development of three water dams near Sadri, Rajasthan in order to preserve and retain rainwater. This water caters to the surrounding villages and farms.

We believe in giving back to the community -- the society from whom we have gained so much! Thus, we are constantly looking at ways and means in the hope to spread a smile and contribute towards the betterment of the society.